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Offensive Security 
Web Application Testing

Web Penetration Testing: Critical for Secure Applications

CyberOnyx Security leads the industry in web application penetration testing, identifying vulnerabilities in a range of programming languages and environments. From webapps in highly scalable AWS environments to legacy apps in traditional infrastructure, our security experts have helped secure data across the world.


With dozens of zero-day vulnerabilities disclosed and our research circulating on national news outlets, we consistently prove our commitment to top-notch security testing.

Hunting Vulnerabilities in Webapps and APIs


Web applications are only becoming more relevant. Millions of people depend on web apps to handle their most sensitive information, whether it be for financial planning or medical care. With their growing complexity comes unforeseen security flaws and simple human error. This risk increases as web applications become more interconnected through the linking of APIs. Security researchers find new methods of making these applications bend and break every day.


The best defense is a good offense. By hiring a knowledgeable team of penetration testers to assess your application, you will be made aware of every security hole that could lead to compromised applications and data breaches. This provides you with the foresight needed to fortify your web application and keep your most sensitive assets where they belong.

Web Services

CyberOnyx Security offers web service testing, manipulating and fuzzing parameters found in the WSDL. These configuration files provide a structure for SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) requests which the web service accepts – and to which it responds.


While web services have many unique components and risks, they can also contain many of the same vulnerabilities as typical applications, such as SQL Injection.

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