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24/7 Managed

CyberOnyx Security delivers a powerful suite of managed endpoint detection and response (EDR) capabilities; backed by a team of 24/7 threat hunters, to protect your business from today's sophisticated cybercriminals.  CyberOnyx protects your business throughout the modern attack lifecycle—defending against threats like ransomware, malicious footholds, and more.

Personal. Proactive. Around-the-Clock.

Managed Detection Response

Deploy 24/7 threat monitoring and response without the need to build this capability in-house, CyberOnyx specializes in supporting small businesses cyber security needs. Whether you’re looking for a rapid-deployment solution for an incident or a strategic long-term solution, we’re there for you.


Our Managed Detection & Response (MDR) team, combined with industry-leading EDR solutions, monitors and investigates events in your environment. Watch for suspicious or malicious behaviors, or anything in between.

CyberOnyx Security
24/7 Managed Cybersecurity

Starting at $35 | month | employee


Broad Visibility

Works with your existing technology stack to discover and profile assets and collect data and security event observations from multiple sources.

24x7 Monitoring

Your environment is monitored for threats and risks around the clock, allowing you to focus on other important areas of your business.

Advanced Threats

Catch advanced threats that are missed with other approaches with a platform that analyzes more security data, and an experienced team who knows how to look for them.


Managed Investigations

We investigate suspicious activity so you don’t have to, making alert fatigue and time wasted on investigating false positives a thing of the past.

Log Retention and Search

Takes the work out of managing logs, enabling you to easily conduct additional investigations, if needed.

Incident Response

Every second counts. Detect and respond to critical security incidents within minutes to prevent the spread of threats.

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