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Offensive Security 
Penetration  Testing

How do you stop cybercriminals before a breach materializes? You need to be proactive and vigilant. CyberOnyx keeps your organization secure through a unique approach to identify, define, and remediate threats on your network!

Real-World Insight into your Vulnerabilities

CyberOnyx Security is a boutique, top-tier provider of penetration testing services. Led by the best in the industry, our penetration testing team is constantly involved in security research, presenting at conferences, and developing new attack capabilities.

Focused on communication and presentation, we work with developers, security engineers, and CISO’s, ensuring all parties understand the assessment findings. Documentation is similarly a top priority – with a range of example pentest reports to review, we ensure you know exactly what you’re getting before selecting a vendor.

Our Penetration Testing Services

We have a range of penetration testing offerings to meet your needs. Whether a cloud pentest, web application pentest, social engineering assessment, or something more unique, we have the specialists to handle it.


Specific security needs and goals differ, depending on the industry and organizational need. The threat model of a university is very different from the needs of a hospital. We understand these differences and customize them around your unique needs.


At the conclusion of our penetration testing services, we walk your team through each stage of the attack narrative and the underlying risks. Thoroughly detailed in the pentest report, you have the actionable, specific steps to improve your security posture.

Much More Than Just a Security Assessment

Unmatched Security Expertise
The best defense is a good offense, and preventing attacks often requires thinking like an attacker. With an exclusive focus on pen testing and offensive security, our business is advanced attacks.

From building our own malware and toolsets to reverse engineering hardware devices, we’re always looking to improve our capabilities – to the benefit of our clients.

Professional, Refined Report Documentation
Technical depth and research capabilities aren’t the only factors in choosing a vendor. Final documentation and penetration test report are critical, and often what is provided to your management, colleagues, and clients.

With excellent reporting capabilities and an eye for detail, we pride ourselves on a professional, refined format.

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