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Offensive Security 
Red Teaming

Targeted Assessments for Mature Security Teams


Red Team Engagements are highly targeted assessments that aim to compromise critical data assets in your network, leveraging the vast scope an external attacker would have. Unlike a traditional penetration test, in which our security engineers attempt to find and exploit any possible vulnerabilities in a defined scope — such as a web application — these engagements simulate a genuine cyber-attack on your organization.


A leader in these sophisticated campaigns, CyberOnyx Security has developed a world-class team of offensive security engineers and researchers.

What is a Red Team Engagement?

Red Team Engagements are an effective demonstration of tangible risk posed by an APT (Advanced Persistent Threat). The assessors are instructed to compromise predetermined assets, or “flags,” using means that a malicious actor might utilize in a legitimate attack. These comprehensive, complex security assessments are best suited for companies looking to improve a maturing security organization.

Why are Red Team Engagements Important?

By harnessing this unique combination of attack capabilities, we can determine the attack process to compromise your critical business assets. We can discover where vulnerabilities exist in your network, applications, IoT devices, and personnel. We can also determine the effectiveness of your security monitoring and alerting capabilities, as well as weaknesses in your incident response policy and procedures.

The demonstrated impact from the testing paints a much larger picture that will aid your organization in the prioritization and planning of your future security initiatives.

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